About the Network

The Cyber Security Oxford network brings together the dynamic and vibrant community of researchers and experts working on Cyber Security at the University of Oxford. This website (and the network in general) provide access to the wide variety of research and education activities going on across the University. Start exploring via our projects, partners and education pages.

Featured Programme

The Cyber Studies Programme at the Department of Politics and International Relations is the first programme of its kind at a major University: it seeks to create a new body of knowledge that clarifies the consequences of information technology for the structures and processes of political systems—in particular, as revealed by the lessons and experiences of the Estonian information society.

Centre for Doctoral Training

The CDT in Cyber Security is a four-year interdisciplinary doctoral programme which looks at the topic from a range of angles including computer science, social science, business and international relations.

The core research themes are cyber-physical security, real-time security, assurance and big-data security. Read more


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